IFIP Technical Committee on
Human Computer Interaction

Welcome to the home page for IFIP Technical Committee No 13 on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

IFIP Technical Comittee No 13 is focused on encouraging the development towards a science and technology of human-computer interaction, through pursuit of the following aims:

  • to encourage empirical research (using valid and reliable methodology, including studies of the methods themselves where necessary);
  • to promote the use of knowledge and methods from the human sciences in both design and evaluation of computer systems;
  • to promote better understanding of the relation between formal design methods and system usability and acceptance;
  • to develop guidelines, models and methods by which designers may be able to provide better human-oriented computer systems;
  • to co-operate with other groups, inside and outside of IFIP, so as to promote user-orientation and ‘humanization’ in system design.

On the pages linked to this site you will find more information about the IFIP Technical Committe on Human Computer Interaction.

Next INTERACT Conference will be held
September 10 – 14, 2007
in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil