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Presentation and Navigation

The web-site for an HCI-oriented organisation will of course be the subject of usability discussions. The genereal aim has been to make this a good and useful site for researchers, students, and people from industry and management, as well as for the representatives of the TC13 and its respective working groups. The intention is that the site shall be easy to navigate, and that information shall be easy to find.

The design has ben held towards the minimalistic side. The two logotypes placed on each page lead to the respective home pages of the TC13 (as a navigation aid) and the central IFIP organisation. The amount of graphics has been kept small, to enhance download times.

Furthermore, we attempt to use – but not rely on – interactive features, such as link titles (place the marker on top of this link). The intention is that this site shall be accessible also with low-tech browsers. This is also why it has been chosen not to use Java, or Javascript in the pages. Neither have we used frame-driven navigation methods.

On every page there are, apart from the logotypes, two links that are persistent, the link to the index page, the entry, and the link to the internal pages.

Links that are surrounded by square brackets [] in the index to the left of the page (e.g. [Content] are local links that point to anchors within the currently open document.

At the top there is a path indicator, that shows you where in the hierarchy you are currently. The items in the indicator are clickable which means that it can be used also for navigation.


The content of this site follows two main streams, stated in the task description for the information server.

  1. It contains information resources that attempt to cross-reference the international HCI community. This part should be of interest to external visitors who need to find out about HCI in general , but also to professionals that may be interested in finding other relevant research projects.
  2. It contains information that is used internally within the Technical committee, and/or its Working groups.